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AFB Syllabus

Accounting & finance for BankingPriority

JAIIB Exam Study Material: AFB Syllabus

Accounting and Finance for Banking Syllabus:
Module A and module B are the most important models in accounting and Finance for banking. Among module A and module B, module A is more scoring as compared to module B.

Chapter wise priority for Module A:
Depreciation and its accounting
Foreign exchange arithmetic
Calculation of yield to maturity
Capital budgeting
Calculation of interest and annuities

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Chapter wise priority for Module B
Trial balance, rectification of errors and adjusting and closing entries
Capital and revenue expenditure
Bank reconciliation statement
Basic accountancy procedures
Definition, scope and accounting standards
Bills of exchange
Maintenance of cash/ subsidiary books and ledgers

Now you are left with two modules module c and module d, though module c has some important chapters but still you should go for module D before module c.

Module D is complete theory and is very scoring. You can score 15 - 24 marks out of it.

Lastly it is module c chapter wise priority
Ratio analysis
Preparation of final accounts
Balance sheet equation
Company accounts
Final accounts of banking company
Accounting in computerised environment

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