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Jaiib Recollected Questions 2020

Principles & Practices of bankingRecollected Ques

JAIIB Exam Study Material: Jaiib Recollected Questions 2020

Principles and practices of Banking previous year questions

if you are preparing for Jaiib exam this time, you should not miss this post. this post contains previous year memory recalled questions. and surely these questions will help you in the Upcoming exam of JAIIB.

1. NURLM - subsidy amount

2. Book Debts

3. PMJJBY max age

4. Cooperative bank can borrow 2% many points base

5. Marketing (max no of questions)

6. How many points base interest subvention in NULM NRLM % and upto wat amount

7. Possession can transfer in which type of mortgage - unsufructuary mortgage

8. Provision related questions (3)

9. Questions on priority sector lending


11. IRDA / SEBI / RBI related questions

12. Doubtful NPA provisioning

13. EMV stands for EUROPAY MASTER card & VISA

14. Right of subrogation

15. Kharif season food grain PMFBY premium

16. DD cancellation?

17. Cheque payment after working hours

18. Market stabilisation scheme purpose

19. Supervision of RBI

20. Marking concept

21. Basel concept

22. NPA concept

23. 5-6 question From NI act

24. Minor comes which act

25. Gandhian thought from kuran; gita etc

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