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Memory Recalled Questions LRAB 60 Important Topics

Legal & Regulatory aspects of Banking

JAIIB Exam Study Material: Memory Recalled Questions LRAB 60 Important Topics

1. Section on which partners are defined
2. Tenure of director of banking company
3. Preservation of records
4. Maximum share in company related one question
5. Question to the condition on which depositor has to deposit-25% amount
6. Who has power to inspect bank-rbi officer, state officer,police officer, custom officer
7. Bfs-one director nominated by
8. Central government power in banking
9. Term loan given and default occurs-limitation period-3 years
10. A issued a check with amount 300 and left space in both side i.e. in words as well as
figure. Some employee forged it to 3300 unknowingly and sign style was little different
but it was cleared-who should be responsible
11. Question related to responsibility of collecting banker
12. A cheque is a drawn on some bank what collecting bank should do
13. Check crossing related one question
14. Liability of paying banker
15. There is one partnership firm ABC. With operation E/S upto the limit of 5000. A
draws cheque to B for 4553. B transfers it to his account…then who is liable wand what
is the role of bank here
16. A minor shares profit of the firm does he will be have liability with the firm if
something went wrong
17. An OD facility is given the customer he but he has drawn beyond his limits and also
many cheques have been returned-what a bank should do?
18. To which type of company there is restriction on transfer of share-private company
19. Main objective and other objective are mentioned in-MOA
20. Question based on types non fund based credit facility21. No of parties in indeminity-2
22. A lost FD and asking bank to reissue duplicate bank issues it- what is the role of A
23. Right of indemnity holder related one question
24. Types of bank guarantee based one question
25. Liability of a bank to honor BG
26. What does negotiating bank does?
27. Question related to with recourse and without recourse lc
28. DPG-deffered payment guarantee based question
29. One case study was given with relation to simple mortgage and equitable mortgageratio
of share on default was asked
30. Types of mortgage with examples, gold loan, car lone, home loan, lic policy arrange
31. What is fixed charge
32. Registration of charge-central registry
33. Banking ombudsman:
a. Matters where complain ts can be made
b. If not satisfied with BO then to whom w e should approach
34. Effects of non-registered company
35. DRT AND DRAT based question:
a. who is higher authority of drat
b. power to modify drt-central go vt
c. case related where only it can be handled by DRT
d. Property is somewhere loan is taken from another place where drt has to be
36. SARFAESI ACT based question:
a. Validity
b. Security interest
c. Security receipts
d. Cancellation of re gistration of SRC
e. Powers and its applicability , enfor cement of security interest
37. A guarantees OD for his son that it will be paid- which type of financing it is?
38. Bankers book evidence-prima facie related question
39. Consumer complaints
40. Who is the head of state consumer protection council-minister in charge of the
consumer affair?
41. Question related to tds and TAN NUMBER
42. CONDITION of contract
43. Liability of surety
44. Bailment of goods
45. Right of unpaid seller
46. Rti applicability area
47. Supply bills related 2-3 questions
a. It is related to whom
b. To whom it should be financed- 2 marks
48. Hypothication
49. Pledge
50. Mortgage
51. Charge
52. Contract of sale
53. Minor account
54. Question from FEMA
55. Reverse mortgage
56. Fees of RTI
57. Term of director of bank
58. Who is regulatory authority of DRT
59. Security receipt
60. Floating charges/Fixed charge

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