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Principles & Practices of bankingNew in PPB

Ethics in Banking Module E PPB

JAIIB Exam Study Material: Ethics in Banking Module E PPB

A new module in principles and practices of Banking has been added as per the new syllabus available at IIBF website. this new module is Business Ethics and it contains 6 units as below:

  1. Ethics Business ethics and banking: an integrated perspective

  2. Ethics at the individual level

  3. Ethical behavior at the workplace

  4. Ethical dimensions in employees

  5. Work ethics and the workplace

  6. Banking ethics changing dynamics

Full Video Classes of JAIIB

As this new module has been added to the syllabus of JAIIB. it has become very much clear that IIBF wants to raise the levels of the exam. Our team at learning sessions is working very much hard to provide you with the latest updated lectures on the above-said module at the earliest. and will provide you with the updated module under the same price tag. Visit to see in detail video lectures in principles and practices of Banking.

These video lectures are uploaded chapter wise and module wise

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