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All About JAIIB: Exam Pattern, Eligibility and Schedule

JAIIB Exam Study Material: All About JAIIB: Exam Pattern, Eligibility and Schedule

JAIIB Exam Study Material: All About JAIIB: Exam Pattern, Eligibility and Schedule

Dear Readers,
In the very first article of JAIIB or DB&F, we have discussed about the exams, what are they, who conducts them and why they are important.
Now, in this article, we will be discussing about the Exam Pattern of JAIIB, Eligibility as to who can apply and sit for this exam and Schedule of the JAIIB Examination.
Both JAIIB & DB&F are conducted two times in a year – Once, in around the month of May and then some time around the month of November on the three consecutive Sundays of the month.
You can check out the Notification on JAIIB 2022 Exams here.
Eligibility for JAIIB:-
1. Anyone working in banking or any other financial industry (whose employer is an Institutional Member of the Institute) should register themselves firstly as an ordinary member at IIBF i.e Indian Institute of Banking & Finance) can apply for the membership of IIBF.
2. Candidates desiring to write the JAIIB Exam should have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent. However IIBF, may at its discretion, can allow any candidate from clerical or supervisory staff-cadre of banks to appear at the examination on the recommendation of the Manager of the bank or an officer-in-charge of the bank’s office where the candidate is working, even if he or she is not a matriculate or it's equivalent.
Eligibility for Non-Banking Persons:-
Even though you are not a banker yet but you want to have a future in banking industry then you can go for the DB&F Exam that is also conducted by IIBF. DB&F stands for the Diploma in Banking & Finance and it has all the subject that are in JAIIB.
So, a non-banker can opt for the DB&F instead and once they get into the banking industry they can get their DB&F Certification converted onto JAIIB by applying to IIBF with their appointment letter.
There is no exemption in any of the subject(s) for prior qualifications.
You can check the minimum marks that are required for passing the JAIIB Exam:
1. Minimum marks for pass in one subject is 50 out of 100.
2. Candidates who secures at least 45 marks in each subject of JAIIB i.e. AFB, PPB & LRAB with an aggregate of 150 marks in all subjects (AFB, LRAB & PPB) of examination in a single attempt will also be declared as having completed the JAIIB.
3. Candidates will be allowed to retain their credits for the subject they have passed in an attempt (i.e scored a least of 50) till the expiry of the time limit for passing the examination as mentioned down below:


An Award of Class will also be given the candidates who clear their JAIIB in their very first Physical Attempt. In other words, if you are re-enrolling for the JAIIB Exam or giving it in your second attempt then you will not be considered for this Award of Class.

To get this 'Class of Pass' attached to your Certification one would need to get scores as per the following given criteria:

FIRST CLASS60% or more in aggregate in their very FIRST Attempt

70% or more marks in aggregate in JAIIB


60% or more marks in each subject in the very FIRST JAIIB Attempt


IIBF has prescribed a time period within which one registering for the JAIIB Exam will be required to pass the exam. The time limit for the same is given below:
1. Candidates will be required to pass the JAIIB within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts irrespective of the fact whether they write the attempt or not).
2. Candidates not able to pass the examination within a stipulated time period of 2 years of registering for the JAIIB are required to re-enroll themselves afresh. And such candidates will not be granted credit/s for subject/s passed, if any, earlier.
3. Time limit of 2 years will start right from the date of application for the First attempt. Attempts will be counted form the first attempt that one is eligible for irrespective of whether a candidate appears at any examination or otherwise.
One can register for the JAIIB by paying the below fees as precribed by IIBF:
First attempt feeRs. 2,700 /-
Second Attempt feeRs. 1,300 /-
Third Attempt feeRs. 1,300 /-
Fourth Attempt FeeRs. 1,300 /-
* Plus convenience charges and Taxes as applicable i.e GST @18%
Please Note that the Candidates are required to Register for every attempt of JAIIB separately.
Candidates are allowed to attempt the examination either in Hindi or English as they want, and should clearly fill in their choice of the medium while registring the application for JAIIB. In any case, no change of medium will be allowed at a later stage in any condition.
You can check out the exam pattern of the JAIIB from the given pattern:
(i) Question Paper will contain approximately 120 objective type multiple choice questions (MCQs) for 100 marks including questions based on case studies or case lets. The Institute may, however, vary the number of questions that might be asked for a subject.
(ii) The examination will be held in Online Mode only
(iii) There will NOT be negative marking for the answers that are incorrect.
You can also get an overview of the Exam pattern from the following table:

No. of Subjects


No. of Questions

120 MCQs

Maximum Marks


Qualifying Marks


Duration of exam

2 hours

Exam Mode


Medium of Exam

Hindi or English

Negative Marking


On the very next upcoming Articles, we will be discussing all about the DB&F i.e. Diploma in Banking and Finance, the Schedule of this exam and Syllabus in detail, Eligibility for the Exam, about the subjects of DB&F and how one can plan for its preparation, study for it, registration, fees and finally we together will start the preparation for these exams.
We want our readers to be on the top of their profession, specially, our Banking aspirants and bankers who think that there is no way to stop where you are and there could be no stop to your growth. And believe us, you can’t miss these courses. These might not be mandatory in nature but yes they are very very important for your knowledge and growth in whichever banking or financial institution you work in!!

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