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Principles & Practices of banking

JAIIB PPB Recollected Questions

JAIIB Exam Study Material: JAIIB PPB Recollected Questions

Que: Remittance of FCNR(B) proceeds to III Party abroad
Ans:- If AD satisfied, these can be made on the request of the depositor.

Que: Banks can accept NRE deposit from 1 year to 3 year and can accept beyond 3 years also but the rate of interest payable beyond
Ans:-3 years

Que: CGFTMSE 80% coverage not available for

Que: Oversold position will give loss when
Ans:-the value appreciating

Que: Sengupta committee related to
Ans:-Private sector contribution to defence sector

PPB Syllabus Priority

Que: Radhakrishanan Committee related to :
Ans:-agriculture indebitedness

Que: The committee recommended concurrent audit

Que: CRR & Bank rates are :
Ans:- 4% and 6.75%

Que: Repo rate is…………..and reverse repo rate is……:

Que: Restructured a/c classified standard if the operation in the account is satisfactory for a period of :
Ans:- one year

Que: In case of failure of a customer to meet its commitment in settling his dues in time will come under which type of risk :
Ans:-Settlement Risk

Que: Which approach does not Operation Risk :
Ans:- internal risk assessment based

Que: When an account becomes NPA and realizable value of security is ____ the account is directly treated as loss asset
Ans:-<10 %

Que: ROI on adhoc PCL : Same Rate Of Normal PCL
Ans:Same Rate Of Normal PCL

Que: Un Registered Partnership Firm – What is the repercussion:
Ans:Firm can sue the others

Que: A cheque passed in a current account of an Un Registered Firm having insufficient balance allow OD in the account without any instructions from the Firm. Bank has an FD, whether bank can recover the amount of OD allowed in the account from the proceeds of F? : Yes/No

Que: Whether Minor can nominate? Yes/ no
Ans:- No

Que: TDS not deducted what is the penalty and for what period:
Ans:-Bank to pay the amount with interest @ 1% p.m. simple

Que: What charge to be created for demat shares with bank as security :

Que: Microsoft has instituted its base/ facility office at:

Que: If the date under LC is mentioned as On or about 30.06.2007 – shipment will go within or when..
Ans:-shipment will go within or when.. (5 days before and 5 days after 30.6.07)

Que: What is the position of a Nominee ?:
Ans:- The money will be paid to nominee after death of depositor

Que: Methodology of Waiver/Remission of loan of Director of the bank:
Ans:-After permission of RBI

Que: Under LRS how much money in 000 a resident can remit in year : ______________
Ans:-USD 250000

Que: For the purpose of Medical Treatment, how much amount can be remitted freely :
Ans:-USD 250000

Que: How much amount a company can invest abroad : ___% of net worth

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